Welcome to dput’s documentation!

dput-ng is a brand-new retake of the classic Debian tool, dput. We’ve made some important changes, which are documented here. Please get acquainted with the documentation, in order to fully understand the changes.

The Migration guide from old-style dput might be helpful for new users.


Many have asked “why rewrite dput”, or “why not work with dput”?

Frankly, when it comes down to it, we were concerned with the bitrot that is present in old dput, and decided to spend our time designing dput-ng to support all of our ideas from the ground up, rather then further mangling old dput’s codebase to support them.

As far as what features, the biggest improvements in our mind are:

  • Enhanced and configurable pre-upload checks baked in and enabled by default to make sure you do not accidentally upload a package which is not suitable for archives

  • Support for external third party checkers

  • Fragmented configuration, to allow external packages to include checks.

  • Real SFTP support

  • Dynamic checker behavior depending on host / profile

  • Support for all checksums, Debian Changes files support (MD5, SHA1, SHA256)

  • Full dcut support, including Debian Maintainer permission handling

We’re both really big fans of dput, so we’ve decided to maintain 100% compatibility with dput in dput-ng, as well as automagically reading from the old-style dput.cf conf files.

You might see some behavior change, but we believe it to be in the spirit of the original incarnation of dput. All the new features and functionality is fully disable-able, and you should be able to use dput-ng just like you were before.

dput-ng also features a lot of new features that might be of interest to Debian derivatives, such as the ability to add a new upload target (now called profiles) and unique checks, without having to fork dput. Changes which make extending dput downstream will likely be accepted in dput main. Please consider contributing.

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The bulk of the work was done by Arno and Paul For a full list of contributors, please check the AUTHORS file shipped with your copy of dput-ng.