User Interface Implementation

Interface implementation.

class dput.interface.AbstractInterface

Abstract base class for Concrete implementations of user interfaces.

The invoking process will instantiate the process, call initialize, query (any number of times), and shutdown.

boolean(title, message, question_type=['yes', 'no'], default=None)

Display a question returning a boolean value. This is evaluated by checking the button return code either to be BUTTON_YES or BUTTON_OK


Set up the interface state.

list(title, message, selections=[])

Display a list of alternatives the user can choose from, returns a list of selections.

message(title, message, question_type='ok')

Display a message and a confirmation button when required by the interface to make sure the user noticed the message Some interfaces, e.g. the CLI may ignore the button.

password(title, message)

Query for user input. The input is returned literally but not printed back. This is a shortcut to dput.interface.AbstractInterface.question() with echo_input defaulting to False

question(title, message, echo_input=True)

Query for user input. The input is returned literally


Get rid of everything, close out.

dput.interface.BUTTON_CANCEL = 'cancel'

A button labeled ‘ok’

dput.interface.BUTTON_NO = 'no'

A button labeled ‘cancel’

dput.interface.BUTTON_YES = 'yes'

A button labeled ‘no’